Month: April 2010

  • msn protocol alternative: msn-pecan [update]

    Discovered that is crashes a lot, on ubuntu.  Pretty stable (haven’t noticed it crashed yet) on windows. Verdict thus far: good on windows.  Horrible on ubuntu.

  • msn protocol alternative: msn-pecan

    Day 1 I decided to try a new msn protocol for today.  Why? Was just browsing the list of plugins, and saw the alternative… Looked at the list of added benefits, and decided to give it a try… lets see if I stick with it.  So far, it is fast on start up. …

  • Debugging a segfault in PHP

    debugging segfaults is not fun. My low key technique: place a printf(“made it here: %s, %s+ %sn”, __METHOD__, __LINE__, __FILE__); everywhere… put “DIE(‘something’);” to figure out the exact line that fails.  If dies, good.  move it further down.  If it segfaults, move the die statement up.  Until you’ve found the exact line that fails. Figure…