Installed a 1HP motor to the lathe

Well, I was working on making the A-axis adaptor, and got sick of the spindle motor being a wimp. So from an 1/4 hp motor, I’ve upgrade 1hp. Now it’s got some juice and runs a lot quieter as well, perhaps new bearings. Issues that have creeped up now, the RPM is 1650 at the MAX speed. The rating for the motor is 1750. The gear ratio right now is 1:1. I may have to devise a “gear up” setup if I want to get the RPMs a little higher.
After 2 failed attempts, I finally managed to make part of the A-axis spigot adaptor. The first attempted I over machined the spigot, glad it was scrap Al6061. The second time I didn’t measure how long I actually needed the stock, and so I cut the brass stock too short. The same error would have occurred for the first item. Third attempt, I didn’t really measure, but I eye balled it… and it should be enough. hopefully. The spiggot is perfect, and will be an interference/pressure fit. Glad to have that arbor.
Next to do:

  1. bore out the middle
  2. add a keyway
  3. Drill/Tap setscrew positions

Interesting technique someone told me on how to make the keyway. Lock the part in the lathe, and use the gantry to hold a tool to carve out a keyway. Shaving 2 thou on each pass. So about 60 passes will carve out enough of a keyway for me. Glad I’m not doing it, and having the computer deal with the repetitions for me.
Pictures to come







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