High speed spindle design

Bought this book by Harprit Sandhu, on Spindles. ISBN 1-85486-149-2
It’s focus is designing useful spindles for small lathes, with the mindset of keeping it simple, easy to make, and low in part numbers.
It’s not bad in that aspect, and does cover the bases that I need to design and implement my own. I’m only using it as a reference for designs, and usage.
Hopefully in the near future I’ll make on.
Designs and renderings here







2 Responses to “High speed spindle design”

  1. Harprit Sandhu Avatar
    Harprit Sandhu

    Well, did you ever get one made?

  2. Lloyd Leung Avatar

    Actually I did finish making it.
    Although I’ve only spun it up, and never actually used it as a high speed milling spindle.
    Perhaps when I have more free time, I may get back into doing something with it… it’s just sitting inside my tool chest at the moment.

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