The worms continues

What this project is all about…
It’s to make a rotational axis for my lathe. This is so I can do milling/engraving on cylindrical objects. Such as rings, and pendants. I can even use this to help rough out gears before hobbing them.
“Gear Hobbing” is the process of grinding/cutting out the teeth on a gear.
The spiggot machined. It was a pain to machine, but I felt pretty good when I was finished making it, as I machined it exactly to size. The error wasn’t measurable with the measuring tools that I have.
Spiggot for the worm is almost completed. I still need to put in the set screws for the lathe spindle shaft. All I need to do is drill two holes 90° apart, and tap them.
Worm Spindle, this part is the shaft that I needed to mount the worm to. It’s pretty precise; I think I’m about 0.01mm off from where I really wanted to be. But it shouldn’t affect anything, and well within tolerances of what I need it for. When I drilled the spring pin hole, I wasn’t exactly centered, so I drilled into the shoulder of the worm just a little. This shouldn’t affect anything as well. The spring pin was 1/16″, and had to be ground down, due to the pin and teeth on the worm gear were knocking. Out came the dremel clone.







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  1. Scott Avatar

    What happened to the pics?

  2. Lloyd Leung Avatar

    oh… they got moved… I’ll upload them again in the next couple of days.

  3. Lloyd Leung Avatar

    edited… links work again…

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