Rotional Axis Project

The old adage of “Measure twice, cut once�… is so true.
Well, I didn’t measure most of the stuff I’ve been playing with lately, nothing bad has happened yet. I did have a mock up, so I cut by lining the mockup to the part.
What did happen is that I received two set screws from a local shop, and the package that it was taken out of said it was 6-32. Well, the set screws aren’t #6-32. But I have a nicely machined, tapped, and completed motor coupling that is ready for two new #6-32 x 3/16� setscrews. Even ¼� if need be.

  1. Spigot
  2. Spindle
  3. Spindle housing
  4. Stepper Motor coupling
  5. Motor mount spacers

To complete:

  • Locking ring for spindle
    • bore it out
    • drill out holes
    • tap
  • The mounting bracket now.
    • Machine the edges
    • Machine the spindle hole
    • Drill out bolt holes for motor mount.
    • Machine the bolt holes to mount the bracket to the spindle head.

To buy:

  • #6-32 x 3/16â€? or ¼â€? length.
  • Mounting bolts – measure what they are. I believe they are M8 x 1.25







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