HD Based MP3 Players

I look at the large capacity ( > 5 gigs ) players, such as the Zen, and iPod (mini, and original), and the prices are all over $290CDN + taxes
Where the iPod 60 gig is cresting around $800CDN today.
The pricing structure is also whacked. At a local computer place, they are selling a Zen Micro 5Gig, for $295CND, and the Zen Touch 20gig for $308CDN. Minor price difference, but way more memory – What’s up with that?
What my point is, is that I prices should call below $200 within the year. As more and more cometitors are out there the fight for dominance will either be in features, and/or with the pricing.
Hmm… wonder when a new company will do the following:

  • +5 gig HD
  • +1 megapixel Digital Cameara + macro
  • Video capture
  • Video Playback
  • GSM Cell phone
  • Battery Life of MP3 +15hrs
  • Batter Life of talktime +3hrs [kinda standard I think, if you need more, bigger battery pack, more batteries]

The buzzword at this year’s CES, was “convergence”. The merging of two or more things into one. Well, if this means I can stop carrying my cellphone, keys, wallet, and sometimes digital camera (which is a 3.1 megapixel Pentax Optio S30, that is smaller than my wallet).
When will the converged mega electronic be available. And if it’s around ~$500-600CDN, I’d probably get it.






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