It's ALIVE! The mill is alive!

Well, I’ve powered on the power supply for my mills electronics… I tripled checked everything the night before, and powered it on. Nothing blew up!
So, the new project priority order is now:

  1. Measure the backlash on the mill, all 3 axis
  2. Mill out the Rotary Axis Bracket for the lathe
  3. Limit switches for mill
  4. Purchase:
    1. High precision/balanced Drill chuck, waiting on literature from Albrecht
    2. JT0 or JT1 to straight shank arbor, to use as spindle
    3. Small end mills (sub 1.0mm)
    4. Perhaps another Gecko G201 for the rotary axis. I may just use the mills power supply to do it instead. Much cheaper.
    5. Parallel bars
    6. ground 1-2-3 blocks
    7. V-blocks
    8. New clamping T-bolt kit
  5. New Z-axis for mill
  6. Egg art machine
  7. Finish the electrical boxes for the power supply units.

As well as a confirmation of my work from before. The board I made for Damian works perfectly, as I suspected. Now I have to make either a new one for him, or another one for me. Fun.
The accuracy of the Z-axis is abysmal. Over 0.030″, the error is 0.002″ already. I will definitely either need to use EMC’s mapping feature (I actually have to look to see if that actually exists), or come up with the new Z-axis design quickly and effectively.
Luckily, the only things I need to actually mill out currently is going to be brackets, which are milled all the way through. No intricate workings right now. So that’s good.
Items of interested to make currently are:

  • Poker Dealer, small and big blind markers.







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