Rant on Apple, Microsoft, and Via.

After a few days of not being able to connect my HP Apple iPod 20gig 4th gen. I got feed up.
I tried my iPod on Alice’s firewire port, and it worked fine. But not USB. I couldn’t get the stupid iPod to work on Alice’s iBook, Mags computer, my computer, or my laptop. My conclusion, iPod’s USB dock thing, broken.
Works perfectly fine on 1394/1394a/firewire. Stupid iPod.
Now to rant on Microsoft. GAH!!! Why can’t they release a proper driver. My VIA VT6306 chipset Firewire card, wouldn’t work out of the box with Windows XP SP2 installed. I had to go in a round about way to get it to install.
STUPID VIA and stupid MS for not releasing PROPER Drivers. Alright, I shouldn’t expect miracles from MS or VIA, to work out of the box. But damn it! Release some drivers that work!
Instead I had to download some shady drivers from somewhere on the net to get the damn 1394 card to work. Now I just need to remember to backup those drivers, otherwise I’ll have to go through hell again and back to get the IEEE 1394 card to work again.
Here’s hoping that my iPod will REMAIN working with the firewire.






4 Responses to “Rant on Apple, Microsoft, and Via.”

  1. james Avatar

    where did you find those drivers? I’m having a hard time with my via firewire too…

  2. Lloyd Leung Avatar

    http://www.paulscomputerservice.net/index.php?body=./hardware/viatech.php is the link to how to fix this issue.
    I suggest following the instructions to the letter.
    Good luck.

  3. Lloyd Leung Avatar

    google: firewire windows xp sp2 via vt6306
    comes up with a few solutions.

  4. Rahul Dhar Avatar

    I am also facing the same problem.Now I will try to fix the way you did.
    Thanks for these links.

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