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Flash has a nice tendency to not load stuff properly. This is because I’m so used to linear processing, as opposed to parallel taskes to be done at the same time.
With this in mind, flash causes start/finish issues. Flash will try to use an object that hasn’t been completely loaded yet. So checks all these checks have to be put in place.
The alternative to checks, is to preload that objects. Which, if you know nothing about actionscript is a little daughting.
I’m in the middle of writing a modular preloader for dynamic content in actionscript 2. At least the dynamic content’s size can be calculated.
This really shouldn’t be that hard, except the fact that I don’t know the scruture of actionscript. Perhaps this will be the new thing I’m going to learn…






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  1. Gowri Penkar Avatar
    Gowri Penkar

    Hey there Lloyd,
    I have just faced the problem of preloading the main movie and a dynamic background sound. Do you know anyplace I can find a good example/ download/ movie… that will help me out?
    Thanks a lot!

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