I'm A Programmer, Not A Computer Guy I’m A Programmer, Not A Computer Guy
The above link is a good read. Correlations between a programmer and a “computer guy” being one and the same works out well. I guess I am one and the same as well.
Just recently, it’s one of those times where associates just ask you computer questions. At least this new set of people that ask computer questions, start out with a hello and a bit of small talk.
I think I would be much more reluctant to answer questions if they were posed as blatant extractions of knowledge. I see it already as such, there is no hiding of it… I just assume that these people would be altruistic in the future.
Clients at least exchange money for knowledge or services rendered. Friends and associates have much more reluctance to a bartering system. As if knowledge is free for the taking. If you put up a fight to give it to them, they assume you’re a jerk or worse.
There are friends and associates that I don’t mind helping what so ever, as I know they would help me in a pinch. I’m not talking about those people… It’s more the ones that try to bleed you for every drop of knowledge possible, while knowing full well, that the 1st communication in years is a tech question. I remember ending a call, only to get another one a minute later from the same person, only having thought of another question. Oh well… if I were busy at the moment, I don’t think I would have assumed the role of human encyclopedia of all things computer technical. Not only did they loose the number, they went about in a calculated way to obtain my home phone number to extract information from me. In the end, it was a calculated move on my part as well to keep these people happy. With the hope of a garnering a contract in the future.
Altruism only goes so far… I remember when I first started working downtown, I would give away loose change in my pocket to a pan handler whenever possible. Only till I started to think about how much money I was giving away, a loony or twoney at a time is nothing, but when you start to give away that amount, it adds up.
The idea of keeping myself well hidden and disguised as a normal Joe is not a bad one. Problem is, the more people that know that you’re a ‘computer guy’ the more questions you get.






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