Hamachi : Stay Connected

Hamachi : Stay Connected
Wow… a FREE vpn like service. I wonder will this work behind my school’s firewall?
hamachi is so easy to setup. It’s just another network adapter, with a private network setup. Making stuff work just so easily…
you’re hooked up to the network, like ICQ, with just another layer. Speeds aren’t too bad either.
So, all clients hook up to the a central server to get communication information, and then you’re able to connect to the clients without issue.
Now, it’d be nice if I could actually somehow lose the central server hookup. But I’m not complaining if it’ll allow me to go from:
laptop -> hamachi -> vnc 128bit encryption client -> vnc server -> hamachi -> workstation.
a few layers… yup. But currently school is filtering out ports 5800… so I don’t feel like digging to find out what ports are open to me. So hopefully hamachi will solve this problem. I’ll know this evening if I go to class.






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