Mohammad Cartoon outrages?

I was searching around about the Mohammad cartoons. Looking around to see what the fuss is about.
I’m trying to see it from both sides. Islam forbids drawing of their prophet Mohammad. Western society allows and promotes freedom of speech and expressions.
The clash occurs when the two are put together. Why? The practice of Islam tradition extends to those that practice Islam. Forcing their views onto others is wrong.
The practice of using Cartoons, for the sole intent of inciting others is wrong as well. However, should it outweight people’s right out free speech and/or expression? Yes, if it incites hatred or violence,or within acceptable limitations.
When the religious beliefs of one group infringes on the rights of others, those beliefs should be left to those that practice that belief. For example, abortion is believed to be wrong in Christian society, but should those beliefs be propelled onto the rest of society. No.
The same concept should be applied to Islam. There belief that their prophet Mohammad should not be redrawn in any way shape or form, fine. If you are a practicing Muslim, you shouldn’t do it. What right does Islam have that says non-Muslim must not draw a curicature of Mohammad.
Christians should practice their religion, Muslims should practire their religion, Jews should practice their religion, Bhudists should practice their own religion.
Why does it seem that everyone must push forth their own agendas?
The crusades were wrong. Terrorism is wrong. The point is how to make things right… whoever has a solution and able to implement it, should win the Nobel peace prize.






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