First baby in Britain designed cancer-free – Britain – Times Online

First baby in Britain designed cancer-free – Britain – Times Online
GATTACA anyone?
We’re still a ways off from the gattaca scenario, however it doesn’t take much imagination as to the steps required to reach gattaca state.
If I had the choice, and ability to prevent my progeny from being inheriting a negative trail, I’d do it. Would I want to make my child blue eyed, blond haired, genetically modified creation? No.
The fine line is when uses their own genetic code or a correction, versus the outright modification of code. How does this effect evolution?
I see that this is no different then eugenics. I’m outright against people being sterilized to prevent procreation, but this form of eugenics, albeit the same in principal, I can accept.
The deeper question is why I can accept this. I am pro choice, but when the death penalty comes into play, I’m against capital punishment.
What differences would make one acceptable and the other not? I’m not pushing an agenda, I’m just asking a question. Some people may choose to accept both, or neither.







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