UK wants power to demand encryption keys

This article “UK wants power to demand encryption keys” reports that Great Britain is daft.
What’s going on in the minds of legislators in GB.  Seems like the fancy with 1984 is running a muck in the queens parliament.
I mean, where’s my privacy, when I want it?  Why would I want to turn over evidence to the crown?  I guess the reverse argument is, “why do you need to hide this – if you don’t have anything to hide, why not show us”.  That reverse argument is ludicrous, as it’s an invasion of privacy.  I should not need to justify myself to anyone.  If you have something to accuse me of, do so in the proper channels.
The article I linked too, has a good argument as well.  What happens if one is on the receiving end of an encrypted communication, and does not have the key.  How does one prove a negative, being the argument – “how do I prove I don’t have something?”
I’m amazed at the incredible stupidity of some lawmakers.



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