Silly games.

Logic game have always entertained me.
However, I find myself being consumed by the fact that YC can kick my butt at sudoku. Seems like I can only win one out of every 5-6 games… where as other people I seem to consistently win against.
Maybe I’m a masocist to want to play her. I just somehow play worse when it’s against her.
Who knows why…






3 Responses to “Silly games.”

  1. Sam MacCutchan Avatar

    Maybe she is just more logical than you 😛

  2. Mancomb Seepgood Avatar
    Mancomb Seepgood

    You have to realize that her brain is set differently than yours. all those years of playing tetris have made her able to see the puzzle easier. Besides she really is smart, just lazy.

  3. Lloyd Leung Avatar

    Mancomb, I have no clue who you are… lol
    Lately I’ve been able to beat her at sudoku combat!!! Woohoo. Probably only cause she’s distracted with life.

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