WAMP – apache 2.2+ – mysql – php 5.2.0+

Windows (win32 – windows 2000, windows XP, windows 2003 server etc).
Apache 2.2.x (I’m using mysql 2.2.3)
Mysql 5.0.+ (I’m using mysql 5.0.22)
Php 5.2+ (I’m using 5.2.0 RC2) – Note, that only 5.2.0+ supporteds apache 2.2.x.  Previous versions have to go hunting for files, so I suggest using 5.2.0+.  And at the time of writing, this is in “release candidate 2”.
Installation of the above programs should be straight forward.  However, the setup of the applications afterwards may not be.
I’m here to just talk about the configuration files of php.ini, and apache 2.2.3 (httpd.conf)
I’m going to assume you installed php to “c:/php/”
add at the end of the apache httpf.conf file:
LoadModule php5_module c:/php/php5apache2_2.dll
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
AddType application/x-httpd-php .php-source .phps
# configure the path to php.ini
PHPIniDir “c:/php”
in the c:/php/php.ini-recommended file modify the following lines and SAVE AS php.ini
find the extension_dir definition and change to:
extension_dir = “c:/php/ext/”
search for “extension=php_mysql.dll” and uncommend that line.
or alternatively, “mysqli.dll”
uncomment any other extentions you want turned on.
That’s pretty much it.






2 Responses to “WAMP – apache 2.2+ – mysql – php 5.2.0+”

  1. Andre Avatar

    “Apache 2.2.x (I’m using mysql 2.2.3)
    Mysql 5.0.+ (I’m using mysql 5.0.22)”
    which version of mysql? or did you mean to put I’m using apache 2.2.3?

  2. Lloyd Leung Avatar

    I mean I’m using Apache 2.2.3.

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