Got blogspam?

Got troubles with your blogspam?
Want to get rid of blogspam, or at least stem the tide of rushing spew that goes to your blog?
For wordpress, as that’s what matters to me, install akismet, and spamkarma. If one doesn’t catch it, the other will.
Akismet is already installed as part of the default install of the latest wordpress (requires a free api key).
Spamkarma is really free.

2 thoughts on “Got blogspam?

  1. LOL
    It’s not directed at you.
    I was programming some spam protection on my contact form on firstfire.
    I was curious as to my own blog. So I looked at the Spam Karma counter, 3836 spams caught thus far.
    So, nope, wasn’t directed at you.
    !!!NOW!!! I remember why you would think that.
    The moderation approach for your site…
    It’s just coincidental.
    Sorry. 🙂

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