PS3 YouTube App – unable to contact youtube fix

I was getting “Unable to contact YouTube”. I believe my current version as of writing is 1.0.4.
This is how I fixed it. I change the DNS settings on the PS3, to point to, and (google’s DNS servers). After this change, the youtube app worked just fine.
I gave my PS3 a static IP, and and applied the proper settings. Test the PS3 internet settings, and start the YouTube app. Everything should work, at least it did fo rme.
Hope this helps… drop a line if it did.
[Update: 2017-01-17] Ensure that your time and date are correct.  Without this, SSL will fail, as it requires that your time is near correct.






9 Responses to “PS3 YouTube App – unable to contact youtube fix”

  1. saul Avatar

    what if it doesn’t work

  2. Jack Avatar

    Hey, it worked! Thanks for the help!

  3. brianna Avatar

    How do I even do that?

  4. Ash Avatar

    Worked perfectly. thank you!!!!

  5. Heyzues Avatar

    Totally works!!! Thanks!!!

  6. Jack Avatar

    Didnt to shit for me. After setting the DNS to & I still get the same unable to connect to you tube message every time. Can you specify what yourvexact settings were on your PS3? Also how do I go about creating a stayic IP address without screwing up the ps3 internet connection?

    1. Steve Avatar

      Not sure if u got it working yet but make sure the date and time is accurate too for some reason if it isn’t it might not let u in. Good luck

  7. Steve Avatar

    Thanks man that totally worked . Supposedly the date and time also has to be accurate from what I heard but not so sure because I did that first and the ” unable to contact Youtube ” appeared but now after putting in that DNS code it finally let me back in so thanks.

  8. Jc9 Avatar

    Nine years later and this was still needed. Thanks.

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