Automated watering system project notes

The plastic T-connectors broke over the winter.  Not very hardy.  Use the internal ones with hose clamps.

The solenoids kept up, so far.
Lost the code to the automated system.
GPIO pin 7 – Far East solenoid – hanging plants.
GPIO pin 8 – One West of Pin 7 solenoid – walk way floor bed. Soaker hose. North side of garage.
GPIO 24 – not in commission ATM (2014-05-14) reduced watering schedule, to stress plants to help fruit. Back deck.
GPIO 25 – not in commission ATM (2014-05-14) [was in action, but disabled, as overgrown with weeds. South side of garage.
Cron job should be
GPIO pin 7 morning, evening 30 seconds, spray
GPIO pin 8, 60 minutes, morning.
GPIO 24/25, …
Web Status page, for GPIOs…






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