How/What do you backup?

Things of importance

  1. Family photos/videos
  2. Documents
    1. scanned docs
    2. license/registration information for software
  3. Everything else.


How to backup, rule of 3-2-1

3 – (three) copies of everything of importance.

2 – (two) media types at least.  Remember floppies? Remember Zip disks? Beta tapes… yeah…

1 – (one) off site copy.  Home burns down… you’re fine, data wise… and insurance for the rest.

So, how do I implement this:

  • BTsync/dropbox/, to get offsite backups running quick and easy.  Sparkle share was a little too much effort, needing a git repo.
  • BT Sync, will make multiple copies easily across your network, with super ease.
  • my amazon ec2 instance will be a offsite node, which can then push to glacier or s3.

Eventually, I’ll write some crons to do the auto pushing to S3/glacier.  I’ll share them once I do (2014-08-03)






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