Watts Ander-Lign Compression fittings

I was looking around, and couldn’t find anything.
Lots of people on home-depot felt that these things were not the greatest.
Problems that people ran into, where reusing the old tubes.  These are meant for a complete system.  It’s color coded for ease.
I was using the 1/4″ tubing so that it’ll fit my under the sink reverse osmosis filtration system.  I needed to connect the tank line to the fridge/icemaker.
I went and bought a T, and another coupler.
I could not find any instructions directly for the watts Ander-Lign compression fittings/coupler.  This is what I found to work (with no leaks):

  1. Do not disassemble the unit.
  2. Finger tighten the assembly
  3. Cut the plastic tube flush
  4. Insert the tube directly into the brass fitting, while the unit is STILL assembled.  Push until it doesn’t go any further.
  5. Using a pair of wrenches, do a 3/4 (three quarter) turn of the nut to compress the brass sleeve.

Items purchased from home depot:

  • Watts (A-12) Ander-Lign Compression Tee
    • For splicing off the reservoir tank
  • Watts (A-4) Ander-Lign Compression Nut
    • For fridge connection
  • Watts Polyethylene Tubing (SPEB25) 1/4″ x 0.170″ x 25 ft

Hope this is helpful for others, as I couldn’t find how much to tighten the nuts.  Seems to work for me… your milage may vary.






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