Raspberry PI for the logic. it’ll have it’s own 802.11n USB adapter
Project Ideas:
The promise, is to use an ESP8266, to control a bunch of relays.  Using the Raspberry PI for logic control.

  1. DIY 1 plug relay – HRV control.
    1. Check to see (via the NEST) if the humidity is high or low, run the HRV
    2. Intermittent running of HRV when
      1. Run HRV if not during peak/high energy rates…
  2. DIY 8 plug power bar, timer on/off control.
    1. Build your own power bar, that is WIFI controlled.
    2. ESP8266 has several GPIO pins.  Wire them up to relays, to get some relay action going.
      1. Printer on demand.
      2. Scanner on demand.
      3. VPN hardware on during weekdays work hours.
      4. Monitors (5watts on standby).
      5. USB power on standby.
      6. Thunderbolt belkin on standby when not in use.
      7. USB External HDs???
  3. DIY 8 plug power bar, timer on/off control.
    1. TV
    2. Set top box
    3. blue-ray player
    4. PS4/XBOX etc…




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