Autel maxitpms pad on a mac? Yes, and no.

Can you run Autel MaxiTPMS Pad on a mac? Directly, no. Through virtual box, yes.

  1. Install virtualbox and Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack, both from:
  2. Download the windows 10 trial image/iso/dmdk/ovf, which is free, from Microsoft. linke:
  3. After you’ve unzipped the image
  4. Double click the ovf to launch it with virtualbox.
  5. Ensure you add USB support when you setup the image.
  6. you may need specify which device, so that the image can recognize the TPMS pad.
  7. Download the latest MaxiTPMS pad software from: Diagnostic & Service Tool/533.jhtml
  8. Run and install as normal windows app.
  9. It’ll self update probably, once or twice. Ask you to reboot your image.
  10. Once the reboot happens, you can then finally update your MaxiTPMS pad.

And you’re done.






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