Teaching your kid how to ride a bike

It’s been a while since I posted anything… Kids/family have taken up a lot of time.

Dylan’s started to ride two wheels, learning about the Pedrin method was a little too easy to teach him.

Dylan was in training wheels for a while and was ready, as he could ride a few meters without either wheel on the ground.

Every child is difference, your child is ready when they feel ready, so there’s no point in pushing it. Dylan (age 5.75), was ready but scared about falling. To put that at ease, it’s pretty simple.

You as the parent, stand at the front of the build, with the front wheel between your legs, to prevent the bike from falling.

Ask the child to balance, they won’t be able to, the point them experiencing how it feels before falling to either side. Give them a few tries, encourage them either way. The point is so they know what to do by putting their feet down.

Now… just give them a push, and away they go… my son was able to go a meter or two the first time, but then a house length, then two… he still needs practice, but this spring has been crazy with the weather dropping to 6°C from 20°C shorts weather.






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