IPv6 DNS Setup

I recently swapped servers, as my old one was running Ubuntu 14.04, I decided to just swap out the server completely to Ubuntu 20.04, port the data… hence the recent rsync post.

The process was simple:

  • create new server
    • setup apache (vhosts), mysql, php, etc…
    • firewall rules should be the same, so you could use the same security group. A review should be done.
  • rsync data over
  • export database
  • I did a smoke test, by editing my hosts file to point to the new server.
    • install software
    • restore data/backups.
  • unbind/detach IP from old server
  • repeat for new server.
  • bind/attach old IP to new server
  • Setup SSL certificates if you haven’t already.

Now, my old server, didn’t allow for IPv6… the new one did.

Create a new AAAA record, @/lloydleung.com to the IPv6 address.

I did have a mistake somewhere, where I created an “A” record for the www.lloydleung.com. I changed that to a C record, where www points to @.

Now when something tries to go to “www.lloydleung.com”, either IPv4 or IPv^, it looks up “lloydleung.com”, with the corresponding A or AAAA record.

Set your TTLs to something low, until you know it won’t change.






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