raspbian mosquitto mqtt setup and tasmota

this was working as of 2020-05-23

apt update
apt install -y mosquitto mosquitto-clients
sudo systemctl enable mosquitto.service

Test the system to ensure it’s working. Start terminal windows…

term 1 – subscriber to the topic “test”

mosquitto_sub -t "test"

term 2 – publish something to the topic “test”

mosquitto_pub -m "message from mosquitto_pub client" -t "test"

Create a user/password

sudo mosquitto_passwd -c /etc/mosquitto/passwd username
Password: password

edit the file as root, /etc/mosquitto/conf.d/default.conf:

allow_anonymous false
password_file /etc/mosquitto/passwd


sudo systemctl restart mosquitto

test pub/sub in two terminals.

term-1 $> mosquitto_sub -t "test" -u "username" -P "password"
term-2 $> mosquitto_pub -t "test" -u "username" -P "password" -m "message from mosquitto_pub client"

That’s the setup of MQTT

Tasmota portion:

Tasmota is another beast… it wasn’t readily appearant to me when I was looking at the docs.

Tasmota 8.3.1

Enable MQTT support in tasmota:

  1. Configuration -> Configure Other -> click MQTT Enable
  2. Configuration -> Configuration MQTT
  3. Host: the ip of the mqtt server
  4. Port: should be 1833, unless you overrode it in the config.
  5. Client leave as is.
  6. User: the user you created for MQTT
  7. Password: same password as you created earlier.
  8. Topic: this should be unique for this device
  9. Full Topic: %prefix%/%topic%/

Now, it wasn’t immediate appearant to me, what the mqtt topics where:

To turn on/off my device,

topic: "cmnd/aquriumlight/POWER"
payload: "on" / "off"

Groups are possible, the default group is “tasmotas”. The example below would turn on/off all devices listening to tasmotas.

topic: "cmnd/tasmotas/POWER"
payload: "on" / "off"

The device can be part of multiple groups:

issue the command in the console:

23:17:18 MQT: stat/aquariumlight/RESULT = {"GroupTopic1":"tasmotas","GroupTopic2":"","GroupTopic3":"","GroupTopic4":""}

GroupTopic1 is tasmotas, and topics 2-4 are empty.

to change that, in the console:

GroupTopic2 LivingRoom

sending a message to topic: “cmd/LivingRoom/Power” “off” would shut down all devices in LivingRoom.

to upgrade all devices (dangerous)


After you got the first tasmota devices setup, subsequent devices will be easy with mqtt.

MQTT Explorer

Using MQTT Explorer, it’s a GUI that will allow you easily send and view messages on the queue/topics. I recommend you check them out.

Connect to your mqtt server with the appropriate credentials.

Try out a few things:

EXMAPLE: Set your timezone on all devices to eastern daylight savings time. (GMT-4)
TOPIC: cmnd/tasmotas/timezone

EXAMPLE: Set your timezone, and location on all devices to pacific, and location is Googleplex. (GMT-7)
TOPIC: cmnd/tasmotas/Backlog
PAYLOAD: timezone -7; latitude 37.422; longitude -122.084






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