Testing your power outlets/receptacles at home.

Had some worn outlets, house is 13 years old… so, turn off the breaker for that circuit, and replaced the unit.

The issue was when I plugged one of those “outlet” testers in, it told me I had an open neutral.

Well, WTF… I plugged it in the other side, and then a bunch of other outlets… ALL of them had an open neutral.

I’m a worried… youtube what the open neutral actually means, and yeah, It’s something’s busted if that’s the report.

The problem wasn’t my outlet, or wiring, it was the tester. I took the multimeter out… and tested the connections.

HOT and Neutral = 120 VAC
HOT and Ground = 120 VAC
Neutral and Ground = 0VAC.

So how is that an open neutral… it’s not. If it were, Neutral to Ground would also be 120VAC.

The tester plug is bad, or a dead LED inside, and not the wiring.







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