Working zero config php xdebug 3.1.1 and phpStorm 2021.3 RC

php 7.4 w/xdebug 3.0

phpStorm 2020.3


This now makes xdebug output links that open phpstorm (which is actively listening on port 63342… phpstorm:// wasn’t working for me anymore…

[UPDATE 2021-01-14]

phpStorm 2020.3.1
php 8.0.1
xdebug 3.0.1

[UPDATE 2021-11-29]

Seems like phpstorm/intelliJ have changed the mechanism, and phpstorm:// protocol no longer works.

After much troubleshooting I have it working, but for projects that use a framework, such as Symfony.

You will now need to utilize the framework.yml ide field,

and enter it as follows:

  • phostorm 2021.3 RC
  • PHP 8.1.0
  • xdebug 3.1.1
  1. Comment out the xdebug.file_link_format, as that no longer works…
  2. edit: /config/packages/framework.yaml
    ide: 'jetbrains://php-storm/navigate/reference?project=%env(resolve:PROJECT_NAME)%&path=%%f:%%l'

3. edit: /.env ensure that this matches your project name… otherwise jetbrains won’t be able to find the correct session/window.

PROJECT_NAME="the name of the project"

4. clear cache, and now your links should work.

5. restart apache/nginx if required.

Now your Symfony project will allow you to edit your files again.

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