Sending emails with symfony+swiftmail, so that the messages are grouped by conversation

Easy enough to send emails with Symfony + SymfonyMailer messages out. The issue was once received in a program like Outlook, how do you group them into the same conversation.

Instead of flooding an inbox with a ton of emails, the emails would be grouped by conversation.

To accomplish this:


// in the __constructor, autowire MailerInterface into $this->mailer

$subject = "something";
$somethingHashedThatRepresentsThisConversation = "someHash";

$messageId = "$somethingHashedThatRepresentsThisConversation@domain.tld";

       $email = (new Email())->from('')

        $headers = $email->getHeaders();
        $headers->addIdHeader('Message-ID', $messageId);  // Original Message ID, I've found reusing it workss.
        $headers->addIdHeader('References', $messageId);  // Original MEssage ID to group by... could add others... I've found that this can reference itself.



There you go.

PHP 8.0.x, Symfony 5.3





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