Ubiquiti migration from USG Pro v4 to UDM SE


  • Ethernet connection to your UDM

Fresh install instructions:

  1. Connect your new UDM SE Port Wan 1 to a port on USG (Lan side).
  2. Let UDM SE boot up.
  3. From your original USG Pro V4 Drop/forget all Ubiqiuti devices (switches/AP/etc). This will allow you to adopt them
  4. Unplug Ubiquiti devices and plug into UDM SE
  5. Connect your computer/laptop to UDM via ethernet
  6. Adopt old devices
  7. Setup you wifi

If you don’t forget/drop the original devices, you’re going to need to do a factory reset. Reset button for 10 seconds. On APs, wait for the LED to flash. May want to unplug and plug back in the POE ethernet.

Switches, just hold down for 10 seconds.

Remember your old wifi names and passwords. Very simple adoption/setup.






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