eBay the Monopoly

Argh, I just recieved an email from eBay. A Legitamate one, not one of those phishing expeditions.
This email was here by notifying me that Fees are to increase [yet again].
I ask myself why? Considering they’ve sent most, if not all, of their support staff to india. Service is intermittant, fraud is rampant.
How does one create a service that does the following?

  • Create an easy to use experience for sellers and buyers.
  • Easy to search/navigate.
  • Ability to hold transactions securely. For example payment.
  • Monitoring of fraud and abuse.
  • Not allowing PO Boxes.
  • How does one certify buyers/sellers?

The need for a trusted selling / buying service is tremendous.
Fraud is always going to happen. fraudsters seemingly come up with creative new ways to fraud people.
I guess it’s time to just open my own eStore.
www.Howardforums.com isn’t a bad idea, considering if I can find a local guy, people can do a straight exchange.
It’s free. But it’s a pain in the butt to siphen through all the material listing.
Perhaps a listing of items to be sold, in a searchable / organized manor would be a better way. And will the members accept such a way?






2 Responses to “eBay the Monopoly”

  1. Lloyd Leung Avatar

    Looking at howardforums.com some more, I noticed that sold items are still there.
    So sold and unsold items are mashed together. Making for an not so nice experience when browsing through the many many pages of listings.

  2. Lloyd Leung Avatar

    Added ability to list items only for a certain time frame.
    Limit the life item, given a default by sys-admin.
    Bumps not needed.

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