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  • Pro’s Con’s of tankless hotwater

    This is “Boots” Economics. — Let’s do the math. I was renting a Power Vented 75gal (PV75) tank. It was 13 years old, and rusting out from the inside. No leaks, but bathwater looked like pond water. GROSS. Safe, but gross… needed it replaced. The tank was inspected in February and was going to…

  • Mass VHOST wildcard; subdomain to folder

    I couldn’t find any information as my search terms were incorrect. My google-fu was off when I was searching. My objective was to make http://* go to /var/www/*/www, where * is a wildcard. I’m hoping that this will help others; specifically developed that work on multiple projects. First, I wanted to wildcard my in my…

  • Magento Customer Segments vs Customer Groups

    magento customer segments groups segment group

  • Magento customer segment by past purchase history

    I wanted to fulfil the following use case: Create a customer segment based on past purchase history. If a user has purchased SKU-X, they are to belong to a given customer segment. The problem was, I could not remember why the SKU was not listed in the drop downs while adding a condition in the…

  • Peacock Lumber, new project.

    Just came form Peacock Lumber, in Oshawa. Great friendly bunch. Really helpful, and willing to help. I would recommend them to anyone needing lumber/wood supplies. Bought some 3/8″ baltic plywood… secret as to what I’m making for now. 🙂

  • What I intend on writing about in the near future

    note to self, write about the following: magento objects. Specifically product and customer objects magento optimization. titanium php development.

  • Windows 7, links not working

    If you get an error message like: “this operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer” Culprit is google chrome. uninstall google chrome, through it’s uninstaller, not the windows uninstaller reinstall chrome restart any application that is still giving you a problem.  Such as outlook. Drop a line, if this helped.

  • Inbox zero, years later…

    It’s been over three years now, and inbox zero is still happening. I’m throwing everything into an archive folder, for each year’s quarter seems to be working well. Does it give me more productivity? In a single word, yes.

  • Bad Restaurants in Toronto, boycotting one, and can't use the other.

    Mama’s pizza, terrible service, never go there. Swiss chalet online ordering system doesn’t seem to work at all.

  • msn protocol alternative: msn-pecan

    Day 1 I decided to try a new msn protocol for today.  Why? Was just browsing the list of plugins, and saw the alternative… Looked at the list of added benefits, and decided to give it a try… lets see if I stick with it.  So far, it is fast on start up. …