Who do you support?

As the customer, I want the best product. As someone that isn’t making billions of dollars, I also want the best price. This is the point of view from the consumer.
How do you make the happy medium between buying dosmestic or import?
My options where as follows:
Purchase the items made in India, from an US discount online merchant.
Purchase Japanese, or European made, from another US online merchant
Purchase the items made in Europe, from a local supplier.
Price difference, significantly differed (increasing down the list). Quality, significant as well.
Now, I couldn’t have bought anything made in Canada, as this kind of product isn’t made here. Nor would I know the quality, or price of such an item.
At anyrate, I broke down, and spent the big bucks. I paid pretty much double. Stupid? Maybe.
But how do you make that happy medium? Quality versus cost, or support for local versus foreign.






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