Open Ofice 1.9b2 impressions

I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality of Open Office . org (OO.o).
OO.o is much quicker than MS Office. I never used the scripting features for any of the office products except for Outlook, to sort my email based on subject headers (group mailing lists, etc). Since Firefox runs circles around Outlook for mail handling, just ditched Outlook.
Firefox is able to handle the type of sorting I need with ease, so why use something that takes a ton of time to just _load_, let along search for anything of importance.
I highly suggest to my peers, to drop MS Office, and just use Open Office . org. How fancy do you things? Do you really need the cheesy word-art of word? or whatever bloat that comes with it?
My requirements:
– spell/grammer check
– columns for text
– spread sheet (with standard fuctions, and perhaps some analysis funtions)
I’ll have to find the site that did a indepth look at OO.o.
I’m sure there will be hiccups with OO.o, but
1.) it’s free.
2.) it’s faster than MSO.
3.) All major features that are required are there.
So… hmm… Cheaper, faster, does the job the same… or pay for something that does the same thing?






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