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Well, looking and seeking for a plugin to do what I want, has been a time waster for the most part.
I think I’ll take two plugins that I’ve seen kicking around, and modify them both, (giving credit where credit is due), and forging a new plugin that lots of people are looking for.
A new viewlevel plugin. but for WP
I’ll start work on it, whenever I get the chance I guess.
I enjoyed the simplicity of viewwlevel. Just add a meta tag, and done. Shouldn’t really be all that difficult to do.
However, I just need to consider a few things:

  1. Group Post listing
  2. Individual Post listing
  3. Calender listing

Check for:

  1. If the user is logged in
  2. If the user has the appropriate level to view listing

So psuedo code...
if ( logged in )
$userlevel = get_userlevel();
$query1= "select * from $wpdb->posts"
$query2 = "select * from $wpdb->postmeta where meta_key='viewlevel' and meta_value >" . $userlevel;
remove $query2 from $query1; Creating a list of posts that contain something useful.
// I can foresee some issues with this, as the blog gets huge.
// Another issue is that I could create a new column in $wpdb->posts and set that column to integer. Where default is 0.
// $query = "select * from $wpdb->posts where restriction < = $userlevel"; /* A new input value would need to be placed into the post creation, and post editing sections as well. admin -> write -> write post
Something with a dropdown box, or a numeric only input box. 0 to 10 to assign a level of viewing.






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