GM Ford Chrysler Employee Discount pricing

Unless your buying it straight out, it’s was better to buy it last week, than this.
It’s funny, since Ford and Chrysler were both offering Employee discounts to the general public, GM had to follow suit, or risk losing even more money.
Before (After):
Interest rate 0.9% (3.9%)
Residual Value 38% (36%) @ 48 months
damn the fine print. 🙂
Also, as of friday, GM stopped the petro gas money incentive. Don’t forget another $500 off with the gas card.
The new price is $17,633 @ 3.9% x 48 months = $20,604.70. While the old price is $19,795 @ 0.9% x 48 months = $20,520.33
So unless you’re buying, you’re actually better off with the old program.
The difference of $84.37 just in interest alone. Now add that gass difference. $584.37
So, now… lets look at that fun stuff.






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