blogging for others.

Earlier this week, I remembered a conversation I had with Ying. She said my blog was boring. 🙂
I do not deny that my blog is boring. However, I do not blog for others, I keep track of random thoughts and keep records for myself.
With that said, I have no doubt that others read this blog. I’ve had people come here for some reason or another, referred by google or elsewhere. And even paste a comment or two.
What reminded me about the conversation with Ying was while I was in class; I realized that I could google a given person and have relevant information come up. There could be another Lloyd Leung, but if you do a whois on the domain name, they’ll know if I am that person or not.
Vanity has it’s downside, which is anonymity.
I intend to keep what’s private, private.






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  1. Sam MacCutchan Avatar

    Vanity has it’s downside, which is anonymity.
    Don’t you mean a lack of anonymity? And sure a lot of personal blogs are about vanity, but a lot of them are also about communication. The best thing the Internet has provided to humanity is the ability it gives people to quickly, easily and cheaply publish any kind of content to a wide audience.
    I understand your reasoning for writing for yourself. But if you are truly writing only for your self why bother to make it public? I keep a small wiki running on my computer where I make notes similar to some of the ones you have posted here. I use my blog to tell my friends and family things that are happening in my life or things that I am thinking about like new technologies. Things I might not otherwise bring up, or things that I want to tell a larger group of people about at once. It’s a lot easier to make one post about Podcasting than to tell you, then tell Alex, then tell Andrew and so on.
    As for searching, people find my blog with some strange google searches as well. It’s fun to look at referer logs and see the crazy ways people end up on one’s blog.

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