New List of firefox extensions

Auto Copy 0.6.0 1.0.2
Disable Targets For Downloads 1.0
DownThemAll! 0.9.8
Ext2Abc 0.4
Gmail Notifier 0.5.3
ListZilla 0.7
MeasureIt 0.3.5
PDF Download
Tabbrowser Preferences
Talkback 1.5
TinyUrl Creator 1.0.1
Viamatic foXpose 0.2
Web Developer 0.9.4
And… Sammy, I still don’t know what ardvark does… let alone how to use it.







2 Responses to “New List of firefox extensions”

  1. Sam MacCutchan Avatar

    Aardvark is cool. When you turn it on it draws boxes around all the HTML elements, or blocks, on the current page. And you can get detials about them like which CSS properties are applied to them.
    Unfortunately FireFox 1.5 broke it, so make sure you go to the site and get the latest version. There’s also a demo there that lets you see what it does without actually installing it.

  2. Lloyd Leung Avatar

    But you can do that with the web development plugin already… albeit not inline with floats, but with a new tab/window.
    I’ll check it out again, once they fix it.

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