bluemountain trip #2

Fear and adrenaline are hand in hand.
I guess when adrenaline rushes through you veins, you feel alive. Even if you get injured, you’re able to recover, walk it off, and continue.
Case in point, my half pipe incident. The pipe at blue mountain isn’t a bad place as all, it’s a little icy, but the transition is wide enough, that beginners can learn.
Anyways, I hit the front side wall, no problem. Get good height, come back, backside wall. Good landing as well. Ooops… picking up lots of speed… hit the front side again… WOW! nice height.
Over compensate for the height, and catch an edge. Somehow I accelerated my knee into the flat of the pipe, and well… got some images to show.
Knee Image AKnee Image B
I guess that’s why some things are enjoyable to do. The release of endorphins is euphoric.






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