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Hmm… thought in my head.
$Server_Pass_Hash // Server has a hash of the users password, retrieved from a database.
var $Date = now(); // Current date as of the moment now()

Server sends the $Date to the client browser.
Client side
Client types in the password in an <input type=”password”> box. $Client_Password.
use a JS function called Hash(value) to generate a hash.
$temp = Hash($Client_Password);
$Client_Hashed_password = Hash($temp + $Date);

Send both back to server.

Sever checks to see if the $Date is less than 2 minutes old (or whatever). If bad, redo, else…
Server computes
$chk = Hash ($Server_Password_Hash + $Date);
if ($chk == $Client_Hashed_password)
//then allow into the system, via a session ID.

After typing the above, it scares me a little to know that I can have a coherant thought like that. The flow works.






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  1. Lloyd Leung Avatar

    Oh yeah, this should maintain a login IP, and only that login IP shall be able to access that session. Avoid injection/capture attacks.

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