Month: May 2006

  • UK wants power to demand encryption keys

    This article “UK wants power to demand encryption keys” reports that Great Britain is daft. What’s going on in the minds of legislators in GB.  Seems like the fancy with 1984 is running a muck in the queens parliament. I mean, where’s my privacy, when I want it?  Why would I want to turn over…

  • How To – Mp3 As Ringtone On Razr v3c

    Original post Load any mp3 or mp3’s you wish to use on to your phone via MPT (Motorola Phone tools). Close MPT Start BitPim and go into the “filesystem tab” Delete the two files – “MyToneDB.db” and “TmpTneDB.db” Reboot your phone and then assign ringtones.

  • SkypeOUT 70.*.*.* – 71.*.*.* fix

    1.) Download Skype beta 2.5 2.) dial “+1” without quotes. Pretty simple fix after I downloaded the new beta. However, during the course of me downloading the new beta, Skype fixed the domain ranges. Anyways, happy skyping.

  • First baby in Britain designed cancer-free – Britain – Times Online

    First baby in Britain designed cancer-free – Britain – Times Online GATTACA anyone? We’re still a ways off from the gattaca scenario, however it doesn’t take much imagination as to the steps required to reach gattaca state. If I had the choice, and ability to prevent my progeny from being inheriting a negative trail, I’d…

  • Spring beauty

    I got really bored today. So I decided to finally do what I’ve been wanting to do for 5 years. The reason why I never did it in the last 5 years, is because I’ve forgotten, lent out my camera, camera was broken, or whatever. So, today, I I decided to photograph the cherry trees…