Ubuntu on Compaq Evo N800c

I took the leap and installed ubuntu dapper 6.06 on the laptop.
I’m quiet impressed with the speed, and everything.
I had some issues with getting the wireless network card to work properly. I’ve got it working, but I still have to do something manual with it, “sudo ipdown ath0” “sudo ipup ath0” before I get an IP that I can use.
The ATI Radeon mobile 7500 works well… with some 2d glitches… but nothing major. Just some buttons in gnome get artifacts… like snow or static over buttons.
Automatix broke my first install, so I just trashed the install, and used easyubuntu instead.  Automatix wasn’t a bad thing, probably that I asked it to install the ATI drivers, which weren’t compatible with my card.  I probably should give Automatic another try, but easyubuntu has everything I need essentially.
Overall, very stable, battery check feature works, hibernates well, automounts my usb key… any quirks I find, I’ll comment about it later






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  1. mark silverman Avatar

    I’m considering doing the same install (same os, same laptop). could you expand on what you had to do to get the wireless card working? did you install ipup/ipdown separately? (they aren’t on the live CD).

  2. Lloyd Leung Avatar

    Sorry about the late reply.
    I didn’t see the comment till now.
    I have an atheros based wifi card, specifically a D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G630. Ubuntu / linux kernel recognized immediately. Otherwise you may need to check the compatibility with your network card with linux. Or use the NDISwarpper.
    The only quirk I had was that I needed to add a line to my “/etc/network/interfaces” file, the line “pre-up sleep 5”. The pre-up just put a slight delay in initializing
    I hope that helps.
    I’ll post my file (without the passcodes) later on, when I’m on my laptop.
    Lloyd Leung

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