Got RSS?

Yes, RSS is old news. Everyone and their dog has an rss feed. Okay, maybe not.
However, here’s a super easy way to to monitor RSS feeds.   Thunderbird!!! Yes, that’s old too, I know.  If you don’t have News & Blogs, you’ll have to add an account first.  Now you have an easy way to just drag new feeds over.

  1. Find an rss feed, look on the side of this side, and you’ll see an RSS feed.
  2. Drag it to your News & Blogs section in thunderbird.

Now I don’t need to open up all my those sites to figure out what if there’s something new. RSS feeds will automatically find out for me, and notify me whenever something is new.Suggestions for RSS use:

  1. Monitor a friend’s bookmarks. 🙂 “Hi SAM! I’m watching you!”
  2. Monitor someone’s blog.
  3. okay, here’s a real useful one. Monitor new file releases on sourceforge.
  4. Forums and Announcements

That’s how I’m using RSS… any other suggestions to use RSS?



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One response to “Got RSS?”

  1. Sam MacCutchan Avatar

    I use rss feeds to track the images posted by my contacts on Flickr. This way I never miss a photo that has been posted by my friends (who are on Flickr).
    Flickr also has feeds for tags and I used to track all photos tagged as ‘snowboarding’, ‘snowboard’ etc. But it got a bit overwhelming after a while and most of the pictures weren’t of people actually snowboarding.
    Also I use google reader now so that I can access my feeds from wherever I am and not have to read the same ones twice.

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