Loving your job and only wanting to do only ones best

Work has given us some what 10% days… like Google’s 20% days, but more work focused endeavours. So, today, I spent most of my time, trying to show off the virtues of Symfony Framework for certain parts of a work product, over using Zend.
My analogy is this, you have to paint a big wall, and you are given a single paint brush (Zend framework). Why use a paint brush when a paint roller or a spray gun (Symfony) would be a much better alternative. I’m not saying you can’t use the paint brush at all. Use the paint brush for the corners. Get the bulk of it done with the paint roller. Alternatively, tape the walls, floor, and ceiling, and spray everything. The choice should be use the best tools for the job.
In the end, people looking at the wall will not care how the wall is painted. However, if you’re a customer looking at paying someone to paint it… the customer will care. Said customer is looking at the quality of the workmanship, how much it will cost / the bottom line, and how long will it take? All of which leads to the choice of using better tools.






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