I find myself in a midst of buying for the sake of buying. Do you remember buying something because you needed it? What ever happened to make due with what you have?
There’s a fine line, of being a consumer hound, being consumer savvy or even frugal.
I found myself in a local computer store, thinking I needed one or two new hard drives (to put them in an mirror raid solution). Then I realized, why am I storing old information that I’ll never look at again. I should just delete it. It’s not like they’re life time worthy moments like photos, or work that I’ve done. It was meaningless data, that had no future worth.
Delete, delete, delete…
I now have enough storage to last me a lot longer.
Trying to be smarter with my money… just because you have it, doesn’t mean you need to spend it.






2 Responses to “Consumerism?”

  1. Bruno Avatar

    Just read “Getting Things Done” and “4-hour workweek”, apply it and you’ll cut off on those things and data.

  2. Lloyd Leung Avatar

    Bought those already, with my last amazon order… I should probably get started on them.

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