DOs and DON'Ts for Technology resumes.

NOTE: I’m not claiming this is true for all career fields. These are only my thoughts on that matter… I am not an expert nor do I claim to be one in the matters of this post.
At work, I’ve been scanning through resumes that come across my desk to help fill positions.
There are some of the things I’ve noticed when scanning lots of resumes:

  1. Make it SHORT and to the point. 2 page MAX.
  2. Get to the point, my time is value. If I don’t see something quickly, you’re in the “NO” pile pretty quick.
  3. Get someone to proof read your resume. Don’t have spelling or grammar mistakes on your resume. This is supposed to SELL yourself to future employers. This doesn’t mean you’re automatically in the “NO” pile, but it doesn’t help your cause.
  4. Help me like you. I want to like reading the resume. Present your resume in an easy to read format. An easy to read format includes clean formating, and fonts.

I enjoy short, to the point resumes.
Different sections:
Objective: Everyone has an Objective… why, cause everyone has one. “To work in a fast paced environment… yadda yadda….” All objectives are the same to me. Keep it short, to the point, and move on to the meat of the subject.
Skill set: Highlight what skills you have that will be applicable to the job you are applying for. I don’t need long lengthy sentences, where I’ll miss your skills. For me, short to the point information. You know how to use Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Excel, Linux, yadda yadda. If applicable versions that you know. NEVER EVER LIE on your resume. Why would you lie to your potential employer?
Job History: Show here, your employer name, location, start time to end time… Keep the job listings relevent. I do not need to know you were life guarding when you were 18 years old, while you’re trying to apply for a tech position. If you want say you know how to swim, put that in your “Interests” section.
If you have lots of job, put down the jobs that relate. If that causes you to move over the 2 page limit, I suggest TRIM the older jobs to fit the 2page limit.
Education: I find this section useful. For tech I want to know your data structures are sound.
Whatever training you have is also good to know.
Interests: If you want to seem a little more human. This is the spot where I gleam a hint of your life.
References: Never just give references in your resume. Say “References available upon request”. We won’t be contacting your references till after an interview anyways. So why waste the two page limit with stuff that does not matter at that moment.
I’ve seen some immortal disasters that people have done. Epic even.
Keep it brief.
Fluff it if you need to, but don’t lie.
Employers see enough resumes to know fluff.
I welcome your thoughts on tech resumes.






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