Bad Restaurants in Toronto, boycotting one, and can't use the other.

I’ve been trying out different places, be that dine in, take out, and ordering online…
Some places are exceptional service, but others, are absolutely horrible.
1.) Mama’s pizza at 118 Yonge Street, Toronto, has terrible service.  After I placed my order and I wait 5-10 minutes, before the cashier gets my attention, and asks to me pay.  I was hoping that the pizza is near ready.  I had a hunch that it wasn’t even started yet, so I ask if the pizza was started.  “No, sorry”.  I was angry.  I didn’t yell at him, I didn’t do anything besides, say “forget it then…”.
Why was I waiting for 5-10 minutes between letting the server know what I wanted, till I was asked to pay?  People, if you don’t want to waste your time, go somewhere else.  Mama’s pizza has lost my business for good.
I wonder how much this business has lost, because of badly trained staff?  Why take an order, and allow the person to wait.  The point of taking the order, is to MAKE it, not sit around, and then ask payment, only to then start.  If that’s the case, TAKE ORDER, IMMEDIATELY TAKE PAYMENT, IMMEDIATELY START ORDER.
2.) Swiss Chalet canada — online ordering form.  Wow, whatever business that sold you the ordering system, has sold you something that is, well… less than functional.  Hope you didn’t pay much for it, cause you sure aren’t making as much business as you could –in fact, I’m pretty sure you’re losing a lot of business.  I tried your ordering system in chrome, safari, and firefox…  (I really wanted some Swiss Chalet, to have tried all three browsers) —  If you say “use MSIE”, well, you just lost of ton of users that are on MACs, Linux, and mobile phone orders.
– Maybe I should contact them, and see if they’re willing to get a system that would be actually functional?
– Situation: After you enter your phone number on the home page (I’ve probably used my phone number before at a different location, but I don’t remember), you enter your details on the second page, third page asks you for your postal code.  Click submit, sends you back to the first page.  Didn’t you hire a QA person, to test this site out?  You know, it’s kind of fundamental to your system, if you require each person to SINGUP to order from you.  Or a functional analyst, to determine the different use cases of your system?
Swiss chalet please fix your online ordering system, or hire a 3rd party business that can actually deliver you a working website?  If you’re looking for a contractor that could build you the system in its entirety, please let me know.
I really wanted some chicken, fries, and chalet sauce… 🙁






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