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  • little project ideas

    Just found a need to access my home server… however, it’s powered down… how can I overcome this problem in the future.  To answer my own question…  I should go lookup how to send a wake-on-lan command to the box. As well as know what my IP is… project ideas: 1.) Current IP notifier – send…

  • Align windows in osx while it doesn’t do cascade of windows, it does a lot for being free. It can send a window to the left/right/top/bottom half of a window. The full paid version allows a little more. Seems to work fine, after I reset the hotkeys. Useful when trying to view two windows/apps at the same time.

  • Exchange protocol comes to google mail/gmail

    Exchange protocol comes to google mail/gmail. Meaning the iPhone can use it! gmail iphone exchange how-to

  • how I'm using software now, as opposed to a few years ago.

    I’ve used Firefox for a long time… since version 0.6 if I remember right. The main feature of firefox is it’s flexibility and expandability of extensions. I’ve now realized, that the majority of the applications I used, are web based. Google Calendar and Gmail has replaced MS Outlook. Google Docs has eliminated my need to…

  • DOs and DON'Ts for Technology resumes.

    NOTE: I’m not claiming this is true for all career fields. These are only my thoughts on that matter… I am not an expert nor do I claim to be one in the matters of this post. At work, I’ve been scanning through resumes that come across my desk to help fill positions. There are…

  • find svn directories and remove them

    find . -name “.svn” -print0 | xargs -0 -n 1024 -r rm -rf -n prevents rm too many arguments error -r prevents execution if none found (and prevents error!) originally from:

  • Finally! Some kind soul made facebook a little better.

    Remove those silly quizes, that everyone is doing… “what type of X am I” type apps, that splatter your feed. Author’s page here

  • Using Google Chrome? Why not try Chromium instead?

    I’m playing with chromium… not chrome, but chromium! Chroimium build 9836 Is it fast, hell yeah!

  • wide screen monitors

    I’ve had these two 23″ widescreen dells (sku 320-7339) now for a little while now. I’ve noticed that I used to read sites in full mode.  Now I’m reading sites with half the width.  My eyes get tired from reading such a long line. I remember learning that newspapers, magazines, and such, realize that there…

  • Consumerism?

    I find myself in a midst of buying for the sake of buying. Do you remember buying something because you needed it? What ever happened to make due with what you have? There’s a fine line, of being a consumer hound, being consumer savvy or even frugal. I found myself in a local computer store,…