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  • Windows Vista timesync problem

    Add “” to the server list solved my problem. The quick explanation is that the other servers on the list, are being hammered by millions of other window machines.

  • ajax form submits problem

    yesterday was a few hours of frustration. Make sure your your <form> tag is within the same <td> cell element.  Otherwise it’s not XML compliant. You can have the form outside the <table> — but not between it, and a <td> element.

  • Got RSS?

    Yes, RSS is old news. Everyone and their dog has an rss feed. Okay, maybe not. However, here’s a super easy way to to monitor RSS feeds.   Thunderbird!!! Yes, that’s old too, I know.  If you don’t have News & Blogs, you’ll have to add an account first.  Now you have an easy way…

  • Canon MP530 – change default scan buttons actions

    How to change the default scan button / buttons actions. Windows XP (maybe others) control panel -> scanners and camears select the WIACanon MP530 driver right click properties -> events change events action to what you require Intuitive after you know where to look… took me a bit of time, so hope this helps others…

  • Gallery is fixed.

    My old gallery is fixed now… debating on writing a new gallery, or make a plugin for wordpress to have a gallery. How the plugin would work… 1.) Create a keyword, to enable the gallery. 2.) grab uploaded files, that are images via mime type, and display them. 3.) display the images via lightbox2, or…

  • Ubuntu + Mysql setup

    Wow, that was so painless. Original Post Use your favourite means to install mysql, probably apache, php, phpmysqladmin as well… sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start mysqladmin -u root password myPassword where myPassword is your actual password. to test mysql -u root -p enjoy

  • Gnome – multiple monitor taskbar window listing

    How to/howto get gnome to show what’s running on a given monitor. After having linux installed for a while, leaving pretty much the default install running. I decided to venture out and find how to tweak some usability settings. There is a program called utlramon for windows that already does this [mentioned above]. A Linux…

  • howto: Getting EMC LiveCD. Ubuntu dapper drake

    Windows to EMC Live First, download the iso image. source, alternatively the mirror. 1.) unzip/copy md5sum.exe into the same folder/directory as emc2-ubuntu6.06-desktop-i386.iso 2.) in a dos window… type “md5sum emc2-ubuntu6.06-desktop-i386.iso” without quotes. This may take a few minutes. 3.) Compare the result to this “6ee5048eb9cb424aa030dfedccc5386b” without quotes. 4.) if they match, burn the image (google,…

  • How to sync google calendar and motorola razr v3c

    How to synchronize the google calendar and motorola razr v3c Make sure the drivers for your motorola razr v3c are installed properly. Install bitpim and make sure it detects your phone. Get the latest version, I’m using at the moment version BitPim version Within bitpim, file -> import -> google calendar Click “Browse …”…

  • Parody At Its Best

    Mac commercials annoy, but this parody of the mac commercials is just hysterical