How to sync google calendar and motorola razr v3c

How to synchronize the google calendar and motorola razr v3c
Make sure the drivers for your motorola razr v3c are installed properly.
Install bitpim and make sure it detects your phone. Get the latest version, I’m using at the moment version BitPim version
Within bitpim, file -> import -> google calendar

  1. Click “Browse …”
  2. Click new, the URL is for the iCal link to your google calendar. [See in google calendar, sharing the calander, and there should be an iCal link in the first tab.]
  3. Give it a name, and click “OK”
  4. Select the desired calendar
  5. click “OK”
  6. click “Import”
  7. click “Add”

That should now be in BitPim’s memory. You will have to upload the new data to the phone.
Becareful of overwriting manual phone entries.



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  1. charles Avatar

    Thanks! I’ve been trying to find a way to do this for the longest time!

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